Just about to leave the NOC

So I probably won’t be doing text posts often. I am finding that I have 3G signal at most camps, but the website doesn’t load. So, I will have to post when I have 4G.

My knees are sore, but I’ve talked to a few trail angels that are past thru hikers, and they suggested changing how I put everything in my pack, but the location where I am sore is to be expected at this time. It’s because my body is still going, “WTF are you doing, dude?”

I don’t have video ready yet, and looking ahead, I won’t have wifi until Gatlinburg if I stop there, or after I finish the smokies. There’s no free wifi in fontana dam area, unfortunately.

Until then, here are a few pics!

Walking back to the hotel in Franklin, NC.
The view from Wayah fire tower. There’s more in the upcoming video.
The view from Wesser fire tower
The NOC bathroom got jokes!
Packing up to leave!

Made it 100 miles!

Been a while, but signal hasn’t been great. But, I am in Franklin, NC at the hotel. So, here are some pics, and the video will be uploaded soon.

Me and fellow Pittsburgher Dee (although she doesn’t like saying she’s from there) at the GA/NC border.
Last look at Georgia from near Muskrat shelter, just north of the border.
Halfway up Albert Mountain
Walking up Albert Mtn

    100 miles!

So much fun

Tonight was a much better night than last night. No rain, a bunch of hikers chilling by a fire. So fun. Even the ladies that hit springer when I did that are clearly over 60 years old are still rocking it and camping with us are still ┬áhere. What’s your excuse for not escaping the office?

Awesome day, and night

So, I should start with yesterday. Hawk mountain to Justus Creek. It was a long…. short day. The mileage was low, but the elevation differences were high. A few ups and downs. A low amount of water supplies, but the local Army unit left a water supply, it will be in the video.

I camped out last night at Justus Creek. It was beautiful. A nice valley overlooking a creek. However, I had to rant a bit about something. It’s in the video… swearing disclaimer on that… but human ignorance defaced something beautiful.

It was a wet night, rained most of the night.

But today was clear all day. So clear I will look like a crisp tomato tomorrow despite using sunblock. There was a nice “military ridge” walk, which is a ridge walk that is not on top of the ridge but up to a few hundred feet down from the ridge but follows it. Then I came to the first vista on the trail…. see the attached pic.

After I got to woody gap, I met up with a couple women that were doing a section hike, and they were running people where they needed to go. Long story short… it will be added in the video, I did a beer run for another group (I fly, they buy deal). Hung out with them a bit tonight. Cool group of people I might be seeing more of on the trail.

The next post may be questionable for timing…. backup battery is on the last charge, and no clue when I will have signal again, so I need to conserve my cell phone battery.

The stars are beautiful tonight. I am going to put the phone down, and go stare at the sky a bit before going to bed and moving on.

Ramrock mountain view

Left Springer Mountain this morning

I have officially begun the trail. Started from Springer Mountain around 11-ish this morning, after saying my byes to Jared. I have confirmed he made it back to the car safely. He will camp out the night at the same campground we stayed at Friday, and drive back to Pittsburgh on Monday.

I am now at Hawk Mountain tent area. On the way here, sadly, no wildlife other than squirrels. However, I ate some wildlife. My dad provided some deer bologn, which I find goes very well with sharp cheddar cheese in a tortilla wrap. Kind of a bummer it is heavy, but I have to eat it fast so it doesn’t spoil. Dinner was good too, pasta side with some spam. A packet of Propel to pour in the water was the best drink all day.

Cell signal was lacking all day, and it’s not the best right now. Pictures will come when the cell service is stronger. If there is no service at camp from now forward, I will post at the next camp where there is service.

While there are at least 20 other people here…. it’s time to start my first night camping alone.