Are you going to #optoutside?

Are you going to get outdoors today? If so, let me know what you did! I am heading out to Raccoon State Park for a day hike, either a 4 mile loop or a 7.8 mile loop, I’ll decide when I hit the halfway point. Be looking on the map for the GPS, which is located at

Opt Outside

Are you doing the REI #OptOutside on Black Friday? If so, what are your plans? I plan on going one of two places. If it will be nice, I plan on going out to Mingo Creek Park and doing a day hike in the afternoon starting at the Observatory there, finishing it up shortly before it gets dark. After dark, I will spend a couple hours working on my Messier list. If it won’t be nice and clear, I will head to Raccoon State park and do a day hike there. What are your plans?

Map is up!

Map page is up and running! Hopefully the hike later will prove successful with testing one of the Personal Locator Beacons! Check back around 3:30 PM EST and you should see us out on our hike. Video of the hike itself will come tomorrow.