We’ve been getting asked a lot of questions already about the trip. To ease everyone’s minds (mostly), I am going to answer the frequently asked questions:

When do you leave?

If you are reading this after March 24th, I am on the trail.

Why are you going?

Watch the video located in this post: http://escapingtheoffice.com/?p=17

Will you carry weapons?

No. They are not necessary. It would also be illegal to carry them in some states.

This is a popular trail with hundreds of people on it every day in various sections along the length of it. A sizable number of those people work for the trail, or the National/State park the trail goes through. Since the existence of the trail, there have only been two murders. Out of millions of people walking it every year. The chances are very low for anything to happen, when regarding human interactions. It is more dangerous to drive a few miles.

As for animals, they are big, fluffy, scared-y-cats. They will run away from us 99% of the time. Should an animal actually not run, we will have walking poles, and our knives to use.

How long is the trail?

2,190 miles.

How far are you going?

Aiming for halfway at minimum. Financially I am not where I wanted to be with my budget, and I have to be frugal. Minimum, I am aiming for the Carlisle area in PA so it is easy for a friend or family member to come pick me up. If things are looking real well, I will push for Maine.

You can see more info in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kQ7eD8gM-4

You should take X item with you.

Actually, I have done some pretty extensive research on what to bring. I have a very good grasp on what to take. My pack currently weighs 20 pounds without consumables in it. Cheaper items are heavier, so we have to spend a little bit on quality gear that is lightweight.