Testing Facebook Settings

Testing to see if this automatically posts to Facebook. I also need someone to test the Facebook login. I added Facebook login functionality so you all don’t have to make new accounts!

New site!

So, the absolute free version wasn’t working out for me. Luckily, there are TONS of cheap options out there. I found one I like. New site, what do you think?

I will add in a media section and the link to the maps in a few days, however the maps thing will not be fully testable until we get our locator beacons.

Also, this is a test of adding in social media buttons, in case you wanted to share this!

Update on the leave date

The Start of the Journey

So I have said I am going to do the Appalachian Trail. This solidifies that promise. I will track some of the prep, and make update posts when I get to towns along the trail, and can grab some wifi or cell service. Videos and pics will be posted when on wifi. I will get a GPS unit that can track back to a map, and I will make a page to post the progress. More to come!