Buy A Photo Print

Below you can find my pictures that I am offering up for sale, if you would like some cool art for your living room wall.

Most of it will be astrophotography while I get a hang of taking pictures during the day, but for now the pictures I liked from recent hikes and trips are here as well.

*Note* Prices are set by the print shop.

Andromeda, our nearest galactic neighbor

The Pleiades Star Cluster

The Moon Through the Trees

Comet NEOWISE with 85mm lens

Moon and Venus from Cherry Springs State Park.

NGC 7000, North America Nebula

Milky Way from Cherry Springs, Pennsylvania

Milky Way over Train Tracks

International Space Station passing over Lake Superior

Sailboat on Lake Arthur.

Climbing up towards Grassy Ridge Bald, looking back at Jane Bald.

The view from the parking lot a half mile down from Clingman’s Dome summit. This is looking over Fontana Lake