Left Springer Mountain this morning

I have officially begun the trail. Started from Springer Mountain around 11-ish this morning, after saying my byes to Jared. I have confirmed he made it back to the car safely. He will camp out the night at the same campground we stayed at Friday, and drive back to Pittsburgh on Monday.

I am now at Hawk Mountain tent area. On the way here, sadly, no wildlife other than squirrels. However, I ate some wildlife. My dad provided some deer bologn, which I find goes very well with sharp cheddar cheese in a tortilla wrap. Kind of a bummer it is heavy, but I have to eat it fast so it doesn’t spoil. Dinner was good too, pasta side with some spam. A packet of Propel to pour in the water was the best drink all day.

Cell signal was lacking all day, and it’s not the best right now. Pictures will come when the cell service is stronger. If there is no service at camp from now forward, I will post at the next camp where there is service.

While there are at least 20 other people here…. it’s time to start my first night camping alone.

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