Update on the video delays

Hey Escape Artists! I apologize about the lack of videos. I have been driving a lot with Uber while also doing a job hunt, which was not going well, until the past week. I had an interview on Friday (14th) and pretty much got hired on immediately. I already started the paperwork and start it in a little over a week. I had to abandon the project job plan, so any AT hikes at this point will be section hikes. There are a few bonuses to this job: vacation time accrues quickly, so hike time will come easy…. and it is for a company that is well known in my area, and the job is where I wanted my IT career to go. I am doing contract to hire, I have a year before I get hired on full time. Also, the job requires travel, so any trails I work close to will be hiked on the weekends! Special thanks to Escape Artist & Facebook follower Greg for the hookup for the job!

Laurel Highlands is on hold for now, once I have some PTO I will go do that. Any 4-day weekends will be the shorter hikes I mentioned in the video I put out after the AT.

The First 300 miles series is still in planning, I am recording some video in the coming weeks and will get the first video out around the first week of August. I am thinking it will be around 6 videos long, but may go longer if a topic is requested.

I appreciate the patience to my Youtube viewers, thank you for hanging around. In the meantime, go enjoy your weekend, and get outside!

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