Where have you been?

Well, learning other escapes from the office, such as playing drums. You don’t want to watch me do rudiments for long lengths of time – maybe I’ll record a cover some time, but not practices. Astrophotography is a new one, but I’ll document that as I learn it. All images will be posted on my Astrophotography website. I’ve also been doing a lot of volunteering in my area, which is taking up a lot of time.

Are you done backpacking/hiking?

No. As mentioned above, I have less time, but for good reasons. That being said, both Silent Bob and myself have REALLY wanted to get back in the woods more often. Although, I do have an on-call rotation at work that will keep me home at least once a month.

What about YouTube videos? I miss your face!

I’m only interested in making trip videos at this point. I’ve made some tips videos, but I found that I like showing hikes more. As for talking head videos, I prefer teaching astrophotography, so if you want to check that out check out the YouTube channel on my astrophotography website. Any trail tips I have will be given in a trip video.

What about the Appalachian Trail, any plans to finish?

Yes. For now though, I will stay in PA until COVID-19 is no longer a concern for anyone.