Ahh, Fresh Air

So, Silent Bob, our friend Eric, and myself went camping over the weekend. I learned one thing: when enjoying the jokes, remembering to bust out the camera to make a video is hard. Backpacking trips will be more focused on video, camping trips will be more picture based.

We got there Friday afternoon, just after a nice rain storm. Setup was kind of smooth. After we got done, a deer passed about 30 feet away from camp. If you check the pics below, behind the blue tent is Silent Bob’s hammock, which is at the bottom of the picture with the deer. After that, we settled in for a nice sunset.

The rest of the evening was cloudy, with a few spots of clears skies. Sadly, not enough for me to get a photo of the galaxies in the area between the constellations Virgo and Leo.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sun right on my eyes. We had breakfast and went to scout the entire campground for the best spots. No, I won’t tell you all of them, but if you are in a group requiring two sites, I recommend C1 and C2. However, we are going to be doing this at every campground we visit.

After we got back, we just relaxed the whole night, b/s’ing and telling lots of jokes. There was a minute there after dark where I tried to grab some pics, but it clouded up before I finished focusing the camera. So, instead, I took a pic of the clouded-over moon through the trees.

Sunday morning we got pretty wet. The camera stayed packed away, as we woke up to rain, ate breakfast quickly and got out of there. This whole thing also let me know I need to find a good image host that allows larger pics, as I had to shrink the file size of a lot of them. Nonetheless, enjoy the pics!

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