Awesome day, and night

So, I should start with yesterday. Hawk mountain to Justus Creek. It was a long…. short day. The mileage was low, but the elevation differences were high. A few ups and downs. A low amount of water supplies, but the local Army unit left a water supply, it will be in the video.

I camped out last night at Justus Creek. It was beautiful. A nice valley overlooking a creek. However, I had to rant a bit about something. It’s in the video… swearing disclaimer on that… but human ignorance defaced something beautiful.

It was a wet night, rained most of the night.

But today was clear all day. So clear I will look like a crisp tomato tomorrow despite using sunblock. There was a nice “military ridge” walk, which is a ridge walk that is not on top of the ridge but up to a few hundred feet down from the ridge but follows it. Then I came to the first vista on the trail…. see the attached pic.

After I got to woody gap, I met up with a couple women that were doing a section hike, and they were running people where they needed to go. Long story short… it will be added in the video, I did a beer run for another group (I fly, they buy deal). Hung out with them a bit tonight. Cool group of people I might be seeing more of on the trail.

The next post may be questionable for timing…. backup battery is on the last charge, and no clue when I will have signal again, so I need to conserve my cell phone battery.

The stars are beautiful tonight. I am going to put the phone down, and go stare at the sky a bit before going to bed and moving on.

Ramrock mountain view

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