Escape has not forgotten!

Hey Escape Artists!

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything. The past few months have been busy. I’ve gotten back into the gym, and eating correctly. Those of you still in planning for the AT or another long distance hike, when you get home, sure, take a few weeks off but then take measures to not gain weight…. this past Christmas I was heavier than when I left for the trail. I lost 35 pounds so far, and weigh less than I did when I got home last year. Don’t make my mistake!

For a hiking update, unfortunately I do not have one. This summer is pretty stacked with other plans:

I haven’t spent a lot of time in the wilderness per se, most of the times I’ve spent outdoors since March has been under the night sky. I have gotten back into Astronomy. I have been spending time with the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association. I plan on going to as many of the star parties they have scheduled as I can. They are once a month until November, at two different observatories. This is limiting hiking time. But, there are some gaps so we will see!

The Dark Sky chapter is also working on getting active in the area to reduce light pollution, which is something I’d like you to take the time to finish reading this, for something to consider. Light pollution is drowning out our night skies. We have lights on all the time at night that do not need to be on, or if they do need to be on, they are poorly installed and shining into the sky instead of down at the ground. There are many, many ways to get involved, but the first step is at home. Make sure your outdoor lights are on a timer or motion sensor so they can be on when they need to be, and off when they aren’t needed.┬áPlease watch the video at the bottom of the post as well.

But, getting into astronomy is taking up my time, and learning about it. At this time though, my posts & videos will probably be sporadic with some time in between them until I can juggle both hobbies easily!

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