Help my friend #Protectthenight

Hello Escape Artists! As you all know, I LOVE astronomy, and the night skies. How about you night hikers? Do you love hiking to a summit and seeing a nice, star-filled sky, or a drowned out orange and white mess from a nearby town with only the moon and a few stars?

This is where the International Dark-sky Association (IDA) comes in. Their mission is to help educate the public about lighting at night. While the IDA does recognize that lights are needed at night, they need not be pointed to the sky. We can do better, and keep the ground well lit, and the sky star-filled. There is tons of info at I highly recommend visiting and learning what you can do at your home and/or business.

On to the topic at hand: the IDA is doing a fundraising event, where members of the IDA are going to match the amount donated. The overall funds after matching will then be used to help the IDA do what they do to educate and to assist with better lighting installation projects.

A fair warning: I cannot be one of the members that match this year. It was too short notice for me.

Next year I WILL be one of the members that match donations!

In the meantime, my friend Diane Turnshek is one of the people matching. She is an amazing friend and a huge inspiration to help dim the lights so we can see the night. Please do help out, below is an introduction and a link to her page:

The International Dark-sky Association has a pledge that will double all donations in this Protect the Night Campaign. They asked some of us why we support the organization and I answered the question on my own personal fundraising page. I wrote pages and pages about a few of the projects we have done here in Pittsburgh and how the IDA has helped on every one. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for all they do. Supporting them is supporting us in our efforts to save the dark. I’m off to a good start, won’t you consider keeping it rolling?

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