Just about to leave the NOC

So I probably won’t be doing text posts often. I am finding that I have 3G signal at most camps, but the website doesn’t load. So, I will have to post when I have 4G.

My knees are sore, but I’ve talked to a few trail angels that are past thru hikers, and they suggested changing how I put everything in my pack, but the location where I am sore is to be expected at this time. It’s because my body is still going, “WTF are you doing, dude?”

I don’t have video ready yet, and looking ahead, I won’t have wifi until Gatlinburg if I stop there, or after I finish the smokies. There’s no free wifi in fontana dam area, unfortunately.

Until then, here are a few pics!

Walking back to the hotel in Franklin, NC.
The view from Wayah fire tower. There’s more in the upcoming video.
The view from Wesser fire tower
The NOC bathroom got jokes!
Packing up to leave!

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