Getting back out there!

2020 has been a year where many plans have been dashed, squashed, stomped, eliminated….. you get the picture. So many events in town I had planned, have been cancelled. Volunteer work with the International Dark-Sky Association has kept me indoors and online instead of out under the stars. Such a bummer.

Luckily, it’s making me itch to get back on the trail, which is a hobby where you can be socially distant! It’s going to be a “project” of sorts, taking advantage of how close it is to home, broken up over multiple months.

Before I mention where, I added a huge photo dump to the Astrophotography page. Check it out. If you like a particular picture, I am working on adding a store so you can buy a print, or digitally download it for use. I am trying to figure out the best format for astrophotography videos, and for now they will more than likely be on a secondary Youtube channel once I create a format I like.

As I take pictures on hikes, I will do that as well, as I am now carrying a DSLR every time I leave the house for anywhere other than….sigh…. the office.

But, Silent Bob and I are both itching to hike, and we settled on the PA section of:

Section coming in a few weeks.

Stay Tuned.

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