New things coming!

Hello escape artists! I hope you are already planning your escapes from the office this year, out to nature! Now, I know I’ve not posted a lot, well, that’s because I’m juggling a lot of escapes from the office. Some are indoors, some are meetings with a few clubs I joined. One thing I want to make clear: I’m not going to post things on a weekly basis. I’m not here to collect ad revenue, this is purely for fun. I would rather post content when I feel like it, not because it’s necessary to make a dollar, diminishing the quality. If you guys want to tag along, so be it (and thank you for tagging along)!

With that out of the way, I have a few things planned, one in April, and one in May. April is just a car camping trip, but I might make a video while out there. May is a backpacking trip to Michigan! There will be some video and many photos!

That being said, let’s turn our eyes to the skies. I finally have a camera to being learning Astrophotography. This week I was finally able to get out there. Check the new page for the pics:

When I go to Michigan, it will be a dark sky area, so if one of the nights is clear, you can bet there will be some sky pictures! I know, I know, “camera weight, it’s extra in your pack!” I’m well aware, but it’s also only 3 days, and not a long distance hike, so I’ll carry the extra few pounds for the camera, tripod, len(s), batteries, and (if I can swing it) sky tracker. I think it will be well worth it!

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