Out of the smokies!

So, I am out of the smokies, and on my way to Hot Springs. I am at Deep Gap shelter just past Standing Bear… and I have 3 bars of 4G. Second half of the video will be released in the morning.

Time for a photo dump!

Some rocks I had to climb on the way to Fontana.
Fontana sunset looking away from it.
Fontana at sunset
Rabbit that was staring at me after leaving Spence Field shelter in the smokies.
View from Silers Bald in the Smokies
View on the way down from Clingman’s Dome (the view there is in the next video). This is on the way to Newfound Gap.
Last day in the Smokies. Trail conditions got better towards the bottom.
Looking at I-40 from the Smokies on the way down
Waterfall about a mile before Standing Bear Farm
Soaking the feet in the creek that runs through Standing Bear Farm
Standing Bear’s hangout area.

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